Spark Sun RPG

Adventure in a world where your creator wants to destroy you and the line between technology and biology is blurred by the creation of something truly amazing!

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Songs of Chaos RPG

A DND E setting based on the international bestselling fantasy book series "Songs of Chaos" by Michael Miller.

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  • Ancients of Elnor - 5e - level 15+

    A Plot That Threatens The Multiverse! Characters find themselves stuck in the city of Elnor, the only known community of Ancients, and quickly discover it might not be so easy to get home.

    - New Race: The Ancient

    - 5 new magic items

    - 9 new monsters

    - 5 new magic items

  • Florea - 5e - levels 1-5

    Set your characters free in the city of Florea and watch them explore in this sandbox adventure.

    - 54 maps and location descriptions

    - Several mini-plots for characters to explore

  • Escape from Duergar Mine - 5e - levels 1-3

    The characters are prisoners of the Deurgar when a volcano erupts giving them an opportunity to escape. But, to do so they must avoid both the Deurgar and the Lava that is slowly filling the caves!

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