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Spark Sun, A DND 5E Setting And Supplement (PDF Only)

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Adventure in a world where your creator wants to destroy you, and the line between technology and biology is blurred by the creation of something truly amazing!

Spark Sun is an exotic campaign setting for use in DND 5E. This book serves as an introduction to the Spark Sun universe and has everything Players and Games Masters need to launch epic adventures in the world. This book includes...

  • 4 new races, with a new race leveling system
  • 7 new classes with unique abilities you’ve never seen before
  • New Power system with more than 100 Powers to choose from
  • 80 new monsters with abilities designed make encounters fun and fast
  • Highly detailed world with more than 100 locations, each with descriptions, NPCs, gathering places, and suggested encounters
  • 35 Special Items 
  • New rule systems for gaining Renown, starting Clans, taking Trauma Conditions to stay alive in battle, and writing Spark Contracts that physically and mentally bind creatures to the terms.
  • An adventure that brings to life unique aspects of the world