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Spark Contracts

Agreements that mentally bind you to the terms. Spark Contracts are governed by an AI called The Arbitrator. The Arbitrator learns and becomes more powerful with every Contract written. Spark Contracts are pervasive in the Spark Sun world, but the growing power of The Arbitrator is a major threat to the creator and Overdiety of Sparkspace, Abukia

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Power System

You're a manipulator, capable of achieving supernatural feats through the manipulation of Spark, the essence of all life in the Crystal Sphere of Sparkspace. Manifest these feats through the use of Powers, each of which require the manipulation of certain types of Spark - Change Spark (purple), Destruction Spark (red), Healing Spark (green), Neuro Spark (orange), and Nomadic Spark (blue).

New Races

Graha Spirit - Half stone, half creature and capable of growing to Huge-sized.

Spark Spirit - Tiny, nimble flying creatures that are overflowing with Spark.

Phaser - Telepathic creatures whose bodies, filled with Nomadic Spark, fade in and out of existence.

Sundaran - The most populous race, Sundarans are jacks-of-all-trades.

Plus - A new system for leveling your race!

New Classes

Altruist - Healing Spark (green)

Artist - Change Spark (purple)

Beguiler - Neuro Spark (orange)

Naturalist - Destruction Spark (red)

Philosopher - Nomadic Spark (blue)

Paragon - Master of all Spark

Void Knight - Void of all Spark

New Monsters

80 new monsters, all with unique abilities that enhance both roleplaying and combat.

Including six new types of dragons!

Detailed World

Maps, descriptions, NPCs, encounters, tavern games, and even sinister plots unfold around every corner in this sandbox-style world that takes the prep out of your campaign.

Exploring this lore-rich world, you'll feel as though you've entered a new realm each time you travel.

Renown & Clans

Grow your Renown throughout the continent of Vi'Sundara and reap the benefits of your fame - this system improves both roleplaying and combat experiences. Strive to reach legendary status and use your renown to recruit your own clan.

Special Items

Discover dozens of new, Spark-imbued special items that will aid you on your adventures, including Tuning Forks, Pills, Spark Orbs, Power Crystals, and many more.

Spark Sun, A DND 5E Setting and Supplement (paperback)

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