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Songs of Chaos, A DND 5E Setting And Supplement (PDF Only)

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Michael Miller took the fantasy world by storm when he published Ascendent, marking the start to a new dragon rider epic combining the best of Eragon and Pern with the hard magic of Brandon Sanderson and Will Wight.

And now, you get to play a role in shaping this incredible world! Take on the role of a dragon rider, battle the Scourge, and deal with sinister plots of kingdoms, dragons, Wyrm Cloaks, and more in this epic DND 5E setting!

This book contains everything players and GMs need to adventure in the Songs of Chaos world, including…

  • 6 new dragon rider classes where you play the role of both dragon and dragon rider
  • New Power system with more than 100 Powers to choose from
  • 44 monsters that bring the world to life, including a system for turning any creature into a blight-infected monster
  • A system for crafting your unique dragon rider weapon
  • 14 new Special Items 
  • 25 engaging encounters that bring to life unique aspects of the world 
  • An adventure that introduces players to the Songs of Chaos RPG