• Spark Contracts

    Binding contracts that link signers to the contract terms and to The Arbitrator. Spark Contracts change everything in the world from commerce to clan-building, to personal relationships.

  • New Mechanics

    Facilitate quick, fun combat encounters and encourage role-play with new systems for Powers, Renown, and Clans.

  • New Races and Classes

    4 exotic races, from tiny to huge, and 7 classes all with abilities you've never seen before.

  • Explore a Vast, Highly-Detailed World

    Beautify vibrant, diverse world with 100+ locations, each containing unique quirks, NPCs, gathering places, and sample encounters.

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  • A Plot That Threatens The Multiverse

    Bring to life a new race (the Ancients) for your D&D games. Characters find themselves stuck in the city of Elnor, the only known community of Ancients, and quickly discover it might not be so easy to get home.

  • 5E Adventure - Level 15+

    This adventure is designed using the Dungeons and Dragons 5E rules and has enough prepped encounters to bring 4+ characters from level 15 - 18.

  • New Creatures, Items, and More

    • 23 custom designed maps

    • 39 beautifully illustrated tokens

    • 9 new creatures including three dragons (Doppleganger Dragon, Carrion Dragon and Gem Dragon)

    • 5 new magic items

    • 1 new race

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  • A sandbox adventure, done right!

    • 54 maps with 56 location descriptions

    • Beautifully illustrated tokens

    • Dozens of encounters NPCs and side quests.

    • Plus mini-plots you might choose to follow. 

  • 5E Sandbox Adventure - Level 1-5

    This sandbox is designed for characters starting between level 1-3 with enough prepped encounters to bring a group of four characters to level 5 or 6.

  • Put the city of Florea anywhere in Forgotten Realms, or similar setting

    Set your characters lose in the city of Florea, and let them freely explore.

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  • A perfect adventure to start any campaign!

    The characters are prisoners of the Deurgar when a volcano erupts giving them an opportunity to escape.  But, to do so they must avoid both the Deurgar and the Lava that is slowly filling the caves!

  • 5E Adventure - levels 1-3

    This adventure can bring a group of four characters from level 1 to level 2 or 3 and can be completed in 2-3 sessions. 

  • Bring your PCs together, before embarking on an epic campaign.

    • 19 area descriptions

    • 2 incredible maps,

    • Dozens of beautiful tokens

    • A new monster 

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