What is Starport?

Becca Scott Reviews Starport

  • Starport is a tabletop roleplaying game of adventure and imagination designed to facilitate growth in problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, reading, writing, oral communication, mathematics, and self-esteem. With no references to any shooting, hitting, slashing, or fighting enemies, Starport allows you to launch unforgettable, epic adventures without needing to wield a sword. A perfect game for engaging learners across the curriculum, Starport can be used as a classroom tool or after-school program.

  • Starport works exceptionally well with players as young as five, stays exciting for those as old as twelve, and is a blast for adults. The reason for this is because of the simple game mechanic and open world of Starport. A five-year-old might love roleplaying encounters with creatures, rolling the die, and counting tokens. A twelve-year-old might devise a plan for collecting more slime to sell in town so she can level up faster and buy more equipment. There is something for everyone in the fantastic world of Starport.

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Starport Interactive Map

Bardo's Equipment Shop

  • Missing Pets

    The players must find them in a spooky abandoned house

  • Butterfly Blindness

    The players must find the cure to butterfly blindness to help Queen Starmere

  • Gather The Slime

    The players must gather slime in a swamp to help Bardo with an order

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Adventure Builder or Starport?

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The core ruleset is the same in both Adventure Builder and Starport, so you can use encounters, creatures, equipment, etc. interchangeably between the two. 

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