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Quest For The Dragon Egg, A Starport Story (PDF Only)

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About Quest For The Dragon Egg

Quest For The Dragon Egg takes kids and parents on a fantastic adventure!
Orion, Angel, and Blaze love to play Starport, especially when Kevin, Blaze's father, guides them, but this quest is unlike anything they've ever encountered before. The brave adventurers must travel to the Dragon Realm to rescue an egg stolen by a Crystal Dragon. The realm is filled with gross creatures, challenging puzzles, beautiful rivers, delicious fruit, wild jungles, and stunning mountains.

 Files include:

This book Is a children's chapter book that also contains the following new content that can be used in the Starport roleplaying game
●New Creatures
●New Equipment
●New Pets
●New Riddles, Puzzles, and Jokes.

Quest For The Dragon Egg is a children's chapter book and a supplement to Starport.
This story takes place in the one-of-a-kind world of Starport. It will take you on an action-packed adventure while supporting educational content, including common core science standards, problem-solving, critical thinking, and much more! Written by teacher-gamers – Bridging education and gaming. 

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