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Vedana, Spark Sun Trilogy Book One (PDF Version)

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An epic fantasy novel set in the vibrant world brought to life in Spark Sun, A DND 5E Setting and Supplement.


After the tragic and abrupt loss of his mother, Fernway finds himself wrestling with the complexities of the world and his place within it. Anguish and helplessness gradually give way to newfound confidence and empowerment as he uncovers his inherited ability to manipulate Spark, the energy source found among all things in the universe.

As Fernway's capabilities expand, so does an imminent threat, poised to decimate the entire continent of Vi’Sundara. In a world where malevolent forces are bent on annihilation, and the creator herself fears she can not maintain control over her beloved planet, the fate of Vi’Sundara hangs in the balance.

This epic tale of power, destiny, and struggle for survival sets the stage for events that could alter the foundation of the Spark Sun universe.



“You are Manipulators. The potency of your collective vigor has the ability to alter our realm forever. But, with your gifts comes an arduous journey with burdensome choices, for you are tasked with answering some of Vi’Sundara’s most difficult questions. Make no mistake, the tribulations of Vi’Sundara are only in their infancy. Prepare yourself for total reckoning, but do not fear.”

       - Sigh Visker, Headmaster at the Zeal Monastery addressing his new students