Population: 50,470

As you stroll through the massive 20-foot tall solid iron gates of Florea you’re struck with scents of floral beauty wafting from fields and dozens of small houses spread out among farmland covering the areas just within the walls. More than twenty Degerian Guards stand at attention both on the city wall and the streets below. The floral smell gives way to the smell of foreign spices, animals, and other goods mixing from dozens of caravans and travelers coming and going from the greatest city in Vi’Sundara. The sky above your head is filled with hundreds of blue streaking lights as Spark Contracts are fulfilled all over the city. The city structures become more dense as you walk further, and before you know it, you’re bumping elbows in a noisy crowd, everyone seeming to be in a hurry to get somewhere. You’re surrounded mostly by Sundarans, but you can also spot a good number of other races including Phasers, Spark Spirits, and the difficult-to-miss Graha Spirits. The small houses give rise to larger housing complexes deeper within the city, the road continuously elevating as you walk deeper within the walls. Stone towers rise as high as Sidreals in the city center, partially blocking mountains in the distance. Vibrantly colored forests cover the foothills above the city, which look small in comparison to the grand, snow-capped Zeal Mountains in the distance far beyond.

The largest and most prosperous city in Vi’Sundara, Florea is the pinnacle of modern development and economics in Vi’Sundara. 

  • Degerian Guard

The Degerian Guard, a legendary clan in Vi’Sundara, serves as the militia providing public safety and protection for Florea. It is not simple to become a Degerian Guard, and requires intense training. Degerian Guard members are well trained, disciplined soldiers. Degerian Guard can be found anywhere in Vi’Sundara but most commonly in Florea, at Sidreal sites, and at  Spark stone Mines.

Gathering Places:

  • Legends We Will Be - This tavern is famous for serving the greatest adventurers in all of Vi’Sundara.  There are few legendary adventurers who have not stopped here to tell their tales of glory.  

  • Sunset Inn

  • Market Lake 

  • Guidehalls 

Guilds are the main social and business centers for most of Florea. They are allowed to operate as monopolies, under the oversight of Lord Degeria, selling goods and services in their approved areas of operation. The City Guild oversees all other Guilds’ activities and awards licenses to operate monopolies in assigned areas of operation. In exchange for their monopolies, Guilds must disclose all their operational information to the City Guild (membership numbers, financial documents and other forms of reporting) and agree to a Guild Master election every 5 years.

  • City Guild:

This Guild is operated by officials appointed by Lord Degeria. The guild is responsible for managing the other guilds, running the public services of Florea, and managing the Degerian Guard. The Degerian Guard are Florea’s militia which can be found all over Vi’Sundara, but primarily deployed in Florea, Sidreals, and Spark Stone Mines.

  • Hospitality Guild: 

Florea sees thousands of visitors every day and its borders are open to any peaceful creature. This has created a booming hospitality industry. The Hospitality Guild oversees dozens of guesthouses in the city and partners with several other guilds (brewers guild, trader’s guild, laborer’s guild to name a few) to manage several Inn’s throughout the city. Any Inn that has overnight accommodation is either run by the Hospitality Guild or pays the Hospitality Guild a fee to operate.

  • Entertainer’s Guild

This guild has a large theatre in their guild and a monopoly on gambling services in Florea. They have a show every night in their theatre. The Entertainer’s Guild always has high rollers hanging out and you usually can find one or more city officials here every night, sitting in the VIP seats for the shows, and gambling or meeting in the high roller rooms. They also have dice games available to play anytime.

  • Hot Dice:
    • Players can bet on any number from 1-6
    • The house then rolls 2d6
    • If your number comes up on 1 die you double your bet. If your number comes up on both dice you win triple your bet. If your number does not come up, you lose your bet.

Side Quest: The Entertainer’s Guild is short on actors and actresses to fill in for their nightly shows and the PCs see a recruitment ad. To succeed on filling in for the shows, PCs must succeed on five performance checks (DC 8). If they fail three times before five successes the crowd starts booing them and the guild does not pay them. If any PC rolls higher than 15 on at least three of their successes they all earn 1 renown and the Guild invites that PC back to perform and offers to pay them 25 ss each for their next performance. If they perform again and roll higher than 18 on at least three of their performance checks they all earn 2 more renown and the Guild invites them back again and offers to pay them 100 ss each. If they perform again and roll higher than 20 on at least three of their performance checks they all earn 3 renown and the Guild invites them back again for a featured performance and offers to pay them 1,000 ss each.

  • Artisan’s Guild

The Artisan's Guild is a clan based in Florea, and is the youngest clan in Vi’Sundara to reach Legendary status. It is a place of creativity, creation and fine art and it’s membership base includes a mix of Manipulators and commoners. The Guild commonly has banquets in Florea to host respected and rich visitors and collectors from out of town. Lord Saybar is a self-made Sundaran Aritist Manipulator and is secretive about his artistic techniques. He can always be found at the grand, architecturally ornate Artisan’s Guildhall.

  • Brewers’ Guild

The Brewer’s Guild owns the monopoly on alcohol production in Florea. They operate a few brew houses in Florea, the biggest of which is in their Guild. Guild Master Barstaff is well respected in Florea, and a famous philosopher. He runs a very prosperous guild and demands respect. Although he is always drunk, if you cause trouble in his guild he will appear in a flash and have you in a submission grapple before you can say a word. 


  • Builder’s Guild

The Builder's Guild occupies a large plot of land in the city which includes their main guild building, hammer pond and a smaller storage building to the south. It's the oldest guild in the city and thus has been granted special rights to continue occupying so much space. Everything in the guild seems ancient, from the stone foundations, to the furniture. It's a prestigious guild although they don't do too many large building projects these days. Half of the guild's members are usually found in the main hall drinking on any given day.

SideQuest: The guilGMaster, a Sundaran named Rockfist, asks the PCs for a favor. A group of small fomorians have moved into one of the old Storage Basements. Nobody has been down there in years but now they need the materials there for a project. They need help clearing them out.

  • Contractor’s Guild

This guild has a monopoly on providing  Spark contract writing services in Florea. In the past 10 years this guild has grown to become the largest guild in Florea and is always a bustle of activity. You can find hundreds of people here on any given day waiting in line to see contract agents as dozens of contract writing windows. This guild hires many of the young artist Manipulators from the Artisan’s Guild to write contracts.

  • Craftsman’s Guild

The Craftsman's Guild is a happy, bubbly place always filled with members working on their crafts. The Guild serves as a shared working space for all the members and they also rent their workstations and crafting tools to the public. PCs can rent a workstation to craft almost anything here. Workstations cost 10 ss per day but they can craft any item in 1/4 the amount of time. The GuilGMaster, Larika, is a Phaser who is always carefully working on her crafts at her station.

  • Farmer’s Guild

The Farmer's Guild is always busy as it serves as a daytime market selling produce and goods made by the members. The market occupies the entire front area of the guild hall. The Guild also has a large dirt pit in the center with a signpost in front reading "Rodeo". In the back are rooms, which appear to be used as event space and guild member quarters.

Rodeo: During the day people can pay 2 ss to practice their rodeo skills. Every night someone from the Entertainer's Guild comes and organizes Rodeo competitions that people can bet on. Anyone can join the rodeo and the rules are simple, stay on the back of a Graha Spirit for longer than the other competitors. To stay on the Graha Spirit a PC must succeed on an Athletics and Acrobatics check each round. The first check is DC 12 and increases by 1 each round. 

  • Spirit Guild

A gathering place for all the  Spark spirits in Florea, this is is a magical place of flying spirits and glowing  Spark

  • Trader’s Guild

The Trader's Guild has a monopoly on providing large merchant caravan services in Florea. If you need to hire a large cart or otherwise need help transporting goods the Trader's Guild is the place to find it.

It's usually filled with people coming and going with lots of supplies being loaded and unloaded. Sometimes people wait outside the guild to bargain with merchants to get first choice on new supplies coming to Florea.

Guild Master Foust is an old Sundaran who is very private and hates being seen. He is hard to find, even in the Guild. He is usually grumpy and yells when he talks. But he's a great business person and has helped the guild prosper.


  • Lord Degeria

Lord Degeria is the most powerful known Manipulator in Vi’Sundara. He’s a Sundaran Paragon who united Vi’Sundara during the Sidreal Wars. Lord Degeria is at least 250 years old, making him the oldest Sundaran to have ever lived. Those close to Lord Degeria say he still has a youthful appearance leading to an array of wild rumors about his true identity. Lord Degeria oversees three main things...

  1. The operation of Florea. He serves as the governor and lord for all activity in Florea. His primary residence is located in Florea.
  2. Spark Stone mining. He oversees several  Spark stone mining operations throughout Vi’Sundara ensuring that the most viable mining sites are under his control. He oversees the production of 90% of  Spark stones in circulation and regulates the amount mined. 
  3. Sidreal Protection. He oversees the protection of the four known Sidreals on Vi’Sundara. 

  • Shree Song

Shree is a Sundaran Beguiler. She is a close friend and colleague of Lord Degeria. She lives in Florea, but works for the Zeal Monastery. She is in charge of identifying and recruiting young Manipulators to join the Zeal Monastery. She is a well known, liked, active member of several residential communities in Florea.

  • Beamish

A short, stout Sundaran with a grumpy exterior, but a heart of gold, Beamish is one of the most well known guides in all of Vi’Sundara. He does not manipulate  Spark and does not use  Spark contracts in any of his business. He doesn’t believe the world needs things like that. He lives in Florea and is close Friends with Mook Dawncaller at the Zeal Monastery, but usually is found on the road, transporting goods from place to place. He works and travels alone. 

Sample Encounter:

  • A mysterious Spark Spirit Philosopher who owns a small trinket and jewelry shop in the city, offers to interpret the dreams of the PCs because he senses incredible power and an influential future for them.